FAQ: Glide Path

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why would I use a glide path? 

Answer: A glide path is a model that can be applied to a financial plan which will show the client's assets transitioning over several years. This setting mirrors the clients changing investment strategy as they age, typically moving from more equity exposure to more cash and fixed income exposure as they age through retirement. This setting is most applicable for young clients whose investment strategy will change significantly over time.


Can I show a transition of assets at retirement age? 

Answer: Yes, RightCapital allows you to model a transition of invested assets at retirement. This setting can be found within the Gear Icon > Settings > Methodology tab of each financial plan. Here you adjust the Asset Allocation Method and choose “pre and post retirement allocation".  When selected, this will assume the client's current allocation is used until their retirement date. You will then have the option to choose the desired model portfolio to represent the client's pre and post-retirement investment strategy. 


Can I apply this globally or is it an individual setting?

Answer: This setting can be adjusted globally or for individual plans. To adjust the setting globally, visit the Advisor Portal > Gear Icon > Account > Client Presets area. 


What is the grading schedule?

 Answer: The grading schedule indicates the length of time it takes for the client to become fully invested within the glide path. Each year of the grading schedule the client’s investment allocation shifts toward the glide path. At the beginning of the grading schedule, the client is 100% invested in their current asset allocation. By the end of the grading schedule the client is 100% invested in the glide path allocation. 

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