FAQ: Creating Multiple Proposed Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many proposed plans can I create within a plan? 

Answer:  In addition to the pre-loaded “current” and “proposed” plans you can add several “new plans”, which can renamed to provide a better client presentation.  Proposed plans are created in the Retirement > Analysis tool using the pen and paper icon next to the plan on the right. However, you can only change the action items in the proposed plan that is selected in the dropdown on the left-hand side of the screen. 


Where can I add items that are not part of the client’s current situation? 

Answer: If you would like to add new data entry inputs into a proposed plan, you can open the Retirement Analysis > Action Items, select Edit > Add New Items > and add any new plan variables to proposed plans. New items added using the “add new items section” will have no effect on the current plan and will only affect the proposed plans. 


How can I change the “current plan”? 

Answer: To make changes to the “current plan”, navigate to the Profile tab and change the data inputs within the Family, Income, Savings, Net Worth, Expenses, and Goals areas.  


How can I save a proposed plan?

Answer: Each time you click refresh, the proposed plan on the left side of the Retirement > Analysis > Probability tab is saved. This allows you to create more proposals and toggle back to previously saved plans using the dropdown menu located above the probability of success.

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