FAQ: After-Tax 401(k) Contributions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I model an after-tax 401(k) contribution if my client doesn’t have access to in-service withdrawals?

Answer: Yes, if the client does not have access to in service withdrawals they can execute an after-tax 401(k) contribution that is converted to a Roth at their separation of service (retirement, leaving job etc..). Simply enter the after-tax 401(k) contribution into the client plan starting and ending  in the same calendar year.  Be sure this calendar year coincides with the separation of service.  


Where can I verify that the after-tax 401(k) contribution has occurred?

Answer: To see the mega backdoor roth conversion occurring in the financial plan, visit the Retirement > Cash Flows > Accounts tab and select “net cash flows” in the “addition to accounts” dropdown menu to see the money entering the Roth 401(k) or Roth IRA account.  


Can any client execute a mega backdoor Roth conversion?

Answer: No, only clients with a significant amount of income who have the ability to make after tax 401(k) contribution, and in-service withdrawals from their employer sponsored retirement plan are eligible for ongoing mega backdoor Roth conversions. 


Where can I learn more about mega backdoor Roth conversions?

Answer: To learn more about mega backdoor roth conversions review this webinar on tax smart saving strategies.  

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