FAQ: Account Assumptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Need assistance with settings and assumptions? RightCapital is here to help! Please use the common questions and answers below to assist you in generating financial plans. For additional assistance use the link to our support team at the bottom of the article.


What happens to the account value not allocated to the surviving spouse?

Answer: Upon passing away you will see the amount, not allocated to the surviving spouse, listed in the Retirement > Cash Flows > Invested Assets tab under the beneficiary distribution column. This amount is leaving the financial plan and will not factor into the surviving client’s probability of success. 


What impact does specifying the Account Assumptions > account year-end value have on the financial plan? 

Answer: By specifying the year-end value of the account RightCapital can produce a more accurate first year Required Minimum Distributions projection if the client is older than 71. If no value is specified RightCapital will use the accounts current value to generate Required Minimum Distributions.


Where can I see the Required Minimum Distributions for each account type? 

Answer: Users can visit the Retirement > Cash Flows > Accounts tab and select Required Minimum Distribution from the “ending balance by accounts” drop down menu to review Required Minimum Distributions for each account type.

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