FAQ: Account Aggregation

Frequently Asked Questions

Need assistance with linking accounts? RightCapital is here to help! Please use the common questions and answers below to assist you in generating financial plans. For additional assistance use the link to our support team at the bottom of the article.


Can my clients reach out to RightCapital if they are experiencing an issue with a linked account?

Answer: Due to company policy our support team is not permitted to speak to clients directly as we would not want to impact an advisor-client relationship inadvertently. Please relay any questions your clients have to the support team or leverage our client facing resources within the help center.


What do I do if a client cannot find the institution on your list when attempting to link an account?

Answer: If you cannot find the institution that your client is looking to link, please reach out to our product support team and they can assist you. They can work with our aggregation provider to establish a new connection.


Can a client link a life insurance policy through account aggregation?

Answer: There is no option for aggregating life insurance policies to a RightCapital plan. To link an insurance policy, an advisor-level integration must be used or the policy can be manually.


How can I see the transaction details associated with linked bank accounts and credit cards?

Answer: To review the clients transaction level data, visit the Budgeting Module. This area will categorize your clients income and expenses by category for review.


Why don't i see the option to "Link Accounts" in the Net Worth while creating financial plans?

Answer: Only Premium and Platinum subscribers to RightCapital have the opportunity to access account aggregation while building plans. If you are a basic subscriber reach out to Sales@RightCapital.com for to upgrade your subscription. Some broker dealers may also have limitations on access to account aggregation.

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