How to use Tasks

Client meetings are fantastic for checking in, setting goals, and keeping your clients engaged with your advising. You have probably had a client walk away from an amazing meeting and promptly forget everything you just talked about! It can slow down their own success, and you are most interested in their success.

RightCapital has you covered! Using Tasks helps keep the momentum rolling between client meetings — ensuring that your client's future is ready for all the ups and downs of life.

To access Tasks, navigate to the client and select Dashboard > Tasks.

Adding and completing a task

Use the Tasks screen to document any specific tasks that need to be accomplished to further your clients' financial plans. This can be a great way to keep clients engaged in the planning process and make sure they accomplish the tasks agreed upon. Tasks can be assigned to an individual client, a group of clients, or your entire client list.

By default clients will not be able to add or edit tasks. But advisors can grant access to add/edit tasks by visit the Advisor Portal > Gear Icon > Account > Preferences area and selecting "Allow client to add/edit tasks". This is a global setting and will apply to all clients. Clients can only edit tasks that they have created, not tasks that the advisors has entered.

Once tasks are completed, check the box under Status next to the completed task. As the advisor, you can complete any tasks. Clients can complete tasks that are assigned to them.


Once a task is completed, it cannot be 'uncompleted' so make sure you complete the correct task!

Task Templates

Task templates allow advisors to add the same tasks in bulk to various client plans. In the Advisor Portal> Tasks >Templates tab, users can create templates that contain multiple tasks. For each task, Advisors can specify when the task will be due, relative to an initial due date. Once a template is created in the Advisor Portal it can be added to any financial plan.

On the Dashboard > Tasks screen, advisors have the option to add tasks from a template, in addition to adding individual tasks. When adding a task template, users can specify the initial due date and the individual that the tasks will be assigned too. Upon clicking ‘Save’, all of the tasks from the template will be added to the task list. The due date assigned to each task will be calculated using the initial due date and the number of days after specified in the template.

Once tasks templates are added to a client's plan, they are no longer connected to the original task template in any way. Any changes to the individual tasks will not impact the template stored in the Advisor Portal.

Consolidated Task List

Advisors can access a list of all tasks in one place by visiting the Advisor Portal > Tasks > All Tasks tab. The tasks menu lists all of your client's tasks based on when the task is due (overdue, due today, due tomorrow, etc.). Users can also see completed tasks, and can complete or delete tasks from the consolidated list as needed.


You and your clients can receive notifications via email. Control notifications received by navigating to Advisor Portal > ⚙️ > Notifications.

Task-related updates can be sent when they are assigned, when they are due and when they are overdue. Updates will also be received when a task is completed. These updates will come in the form of a daily email that is sent at 11:00 am ET. The task reminder emails will come from you and include your custom branding.

Similarly, clients can control notifications by logging into their Client Portal and navigating to ⚙️ > Notifications.

As a default, all three boxes are checked in the "when my tasks are due" notification setting. Therefore users receive 3 notifications if tasks aren't completed by the due date. Task reminders can also be sent when tasks are overdue.

Adding Internal Notes

Use the Notes tab to add internal notes about the client. The Notes tab does not show up in the Client Portal — clients only see the Current Tasks and Completed Tasks tab. Use the Add Note button to add additional notes.

Pro Tip

When adding tasks or notes, format the text by highlighting it and clicking one of the options from the pop up: