Frequently Modeled Scenarios- 9 Videos

Learn To Navigate Planning Scenarios

Need a quick tutorial? This article includes short, informative, videos created to help you understand some common financial planning scenarios within RightCapital. For additional information on each topic please review the help center articles linked in the description above the video.

Net Unrealized Appreciation (3:53)

This video demonstrates how advisors can use net unrealized appreciation to create income distributions with preferential tax treatment in a financial plan. For additional information on net unrealized appreciation please review this article.

Business Assets (4:43)

This video illustrates how advisors can add business assets into the net worth of a financial plan. Detailing income, distributions, expenses and sale options will help create a sound financial plan. For additional information on entering business assets please review this article.

Annuities (8:39)

This video presents advisors with the steps needed to add or propose annuities to a financial plan. This provides an overview of annuity types, distribution strategies and where to demonstrate the value of a proposed purchase. For additional information on adding annuities please review this article.

Analyze Probability of Success (6:49)

This video reviews the probability of success and demonstrates how to obtain additional information that will produce thoughtful recommendations for each client. For additional information on the retirement analysis area please review this article.

Roth Conversions (7:24)

In this video advisors can review the Tax, Distributions area to determine the advantages of different Roth Conversion strategies within a client's plan. Advisors can see the steps needed to enter an existing conversions or illustrate the benefits of proposed conversion. For additional information on Roth Conversions please review this article.

Stock Plans (6:42)

This video illustrates how to enter stock plan and customize the vesting, exercise and liquidation of specific grants in a financial plan. For additional information on entering stock plans please review this article.

Future Property Purchases (7:25)

This video demonstrates how to add future property purchases into a financial plan and track them within the future cash flow projections. For additional information on adding property goals please review this article.

Reports (4:26)

This video will illustrate how to create a cover page, edit disclosures and create reports within a financial plan. It also highlights the benefits of the Vault and Task tools which can be leveraged to present the generated report. For additional information on generating a report please review this article.

Client Engagement Materials (3:50)

This video illustrates the marketing and prospecting materials that advisors can leverage to engage their client base and increase their value add. For additional information on using client engagement resources please review this article.

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