RightPay Subscriptions

The RightPay Subscriptions screen gives you the ability to set up recurring payment subscriptions for clients.

Before creating a subscription for a particular client, make sure that:

1) You have invited them to create their client portal account, and they have accepted that invitation. You are only able to create subscriptions for households where either the client or co-client has a client portal account.

2) You have set up the plan you wish to subscribe them to on the Plans screen.

To create the subscription, click on the 'Add Subscription' button. You will see a line added to the Subscriptions list where you can enter the subscription details:

Under 'Clients' select the client household for which you wish to create the subscription. Only households without an existing subscription will display as you can only create one subscription for each household.

Under ' Plan', select the subscription Plan that you wish to use for the client. The Recurring amount and Frequency will populate based on the plan you select.

Recurring Payments Start: this is the date when your client will be charged the first recurring payment, based on the recurring payment amount. Clients will then be charged on the same day of the month going forward, based on the frequency of the plan.

Example: If you create a subscription to a Monthly plan for $75/mo starting on February 10, 2020, your client will be charged February 10, March 10, April 10, etc.

Upfront One-time Payment: If you wish to add a one-time payment to the subscription which the client will be charged immediately, you can enter the amount here.

For example, if you are creating a financial plan for a client and setting up a retainer fee that is charged monthly, you could create the subscription to the monthly plan for the retainer fee, and charge upfront for the plan using the 'Upfront One-time Payment'