How to use Cash flows

The Cash Flows page allows you to break down all of the details of the client's projections.  It includes information on all cash flows as well as details on how clients' assets project over time.

For a brief overview of the Cash Flows watch this short video.

To access the Cash Flows, go to Retirement > Cash Flows:


Please view our details page to see additional information on how specific cash flow values are calculated.

General Navigation

In the upper right-hand corner, you can choose which plan you wish to view the Cash Flow details for - Current, Proposed, or any additional plans you have added:

You can also choose how many cash flow rows display at once using the drop-down box in the lower right-hand corner:

You can use the arrows and numbers to the left of the drop-down box to show additional cash flow pages if you are not displaying 'all years'.

If there are more than 10 years per page, you can use the scroll bar at the right of the cash flow numbers to scroll up or down.

Downloading Cash Flows

To download the information from any cash flow screen into a .csv file, click the 'Download' button:

Accessing Additional Details

Click into any underlined column header to see a breakdown of cash flow details that equal the listed value. For example, if you want to see a breakdown of Social Security income, access the Retirement > Cash Flows > Summary Tab > Income Inflows column > Social Security Column.

Modeling Custom Return Scenarios

Users can adjust the "Baseline" dropdown menu to illustrate the impact of different return sequences on the client's cash flows. The baseline scenario will reflect a straight-line growth projection while the additional scenarios will include pre-built sequences as well as any customized scenarios added into the Advisor Portal > Models > Scenarios area. The following pre-built scenarios are available as a default for all users:

  1. Bad decade followed by slow growth

  2. Fed adverse scenario followed by modest growth

  3. Strong growth scenario

  4. Flat 0% return

This feature is only visible when enabled in the client settings. To enable this setting open the client plan > select gear icon > Settings tab > Methodology tab > Select "Allow display of scenario-specific cash flows". Once checked, the return scenario dropdown menu will be available within all of the Retirement > Cash Flow tabs.

Advisors can enable this feature for all new households via the Client Presets tab.

Summary tab

From the Summary tab you can view and drill into details of the client's yearly cash flows, everything they are receiving and spending:

You can click on all underlined column headers to see a further breakdown of the cash flow information.  For example, if you click on 'Income Inflows', you will see a breakdown of the various income components:

Clicking on the applicable column headings will allow you to see a breakdown of the different components that make up each item:

Net Worth tab

On the Net Worth tab, you can see the various assets and liabilities that make up the client's projected Net Worth over time:

Invested Asset tab

The Invested Asset tab allows you to see how assets grow or decline each year by progressing from the beginning balance for the year to the ending balance.

Accounts tab

The Accounts tab allows you to see details for each type of account (Taxable, 401(k) / 403(b), Traditional IRA, etc.).

You can use the drop-down box to the left of the plan name to see additional information for each account type:

Ending balance by accounts: Shows the ending balance for each period.

Addition to accounts: Reflects inflows into the account.  Does not include the impact of Required minimum distributions shown on the next page.

Required minimum distribution: Shows the impact of RMDs, taking money out of qualified accounts and putting it into the taxable account.  Does not include RMDs from annuities with lifetime income benefits.

Withdrawal from accounts: Reflects inflows into the account.  Does not include the impact of Required minimum distributions shown on the next page.

Net cash flows: Reflects the net number going into or coming out of the account each year.  Equals the total net impact of the Addition to accounts, Required minimum distribution, and Withdrawal from accounts screens.

You can also click on the column headings for most columns to see additional breakdowns.  If you click on the 'Taxable' column, you can see the breakdown of the taxable assets between Cash Reserve and Taxable Investment.  If you click on other columns, you can see a breakdown of ownership and/or type of account.

Options tab

The Options tab contains information about any stock options, restricted stock units, or restricted stock plans that have been entered on the Net Worth page. The options tab will only appear when a stock plan is included within the financial plan.

You can see additional information about Option information on the Cash flow details page, or view a short video explaining how to interpret Option data: