Starting up: adding a client

To start entering client data, click  Add a New Client from the Client list (Advisor Portal > Clients).

Enter the client’s name and email address, and click  Input Client’s Information Now to get started.

Alternatively, have your client input their own information. Simply click  Invite Client to Input Information, and an email will automatically be sent to them with instructions on how to login to the system and get started. Just be sure their email address is correct!

If the client has already been added, highlight the client’s name in the client list and click  Open Client to start the data entry process.

For a great video tutorial (3:40) check out our YouTube channel:

CRMs for Easy Import

When a CRM is integrated with RightCapital, clients from the CRM can be imported into RightCapital, making the process of adding clients even easier than it already is.

Peruse the list of CRM Integrations available today!