Assistant Login

As someone set up with a RightCapital "Assistant" login, you can work with clients for any advisor you are connected to — here’s how!

Don’t have an assistant log-in?

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Accessing your advisor’s client list

When first logging in to RightCapital as an assistant you will be brought into your personal account.

There may be a "Client Sample" already displayed in the client list. This is pre-built to experiment with settings, scenarios, and profiles without impacting a real client.

To access an advisor’s clients, switch to viewing their client list. To do so, click on your name in the upper-left hand corner and select your advisor’s name from the drop-down box. Every advisor with which you are associated appears in the list.

Selecting an advisor’s name will bring up their client list. If you are associated with more than one advisor, you will see all of their names listed. Select the advisor’s list you wish to work on.

To work on a specific client, select their name in the client list, and click Open client or the small ↗️ icon next to their name.  To add a new client, click Add a New Client.

What can I do as an assistant?

With an assistant license, you can:

You cannot:

  • Add clients under your own personal account
  • Change asset allocation assumptions for the advisor
  • Update advisor’s personal information or branding