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Now that you've begun to transform your practice into a streamlined efficiency machine with your clients at the forefront, dive into the details of each section of RightCapital. In this section, links are provided to deep-dive articles on each tab within the Client Portal of RightCapital.


Balance Sheet Liquidity Budget Debt Student Loan Tasks
A brief overview of the client's assets, liabilities, & net worth Visualize the importance of reserve funds A comprehensive budgeting tool for your clients Help clients manage debt reduction Help clients discover an efficient strategy for minimizing student loan repayments Use Tasks to keep momentum in-between client meetings


Asset Allocation Sector and Style Concentration Tax Allocation Holdings
Compare invested assets and returns Compare how invested assets are spread Determine if a client is properly diversified Visualize tax implications of invested assets View or download client investment holdings


Analysis Stress Test Social Security Medicare   Cash Flows
Advanced forecasting to compare probable retirement outcomes Visualize the impact of potential threats on a client's retirement success World-class optimization factoring over 700 variables instantly Help clients enroll in Medicare with maximum benefits A granular view of a client's finances on an annual basis


Life insurance Disability
Long-term care (LTC) Property and casualty
Visualize the impact of life insurance coverage Visualize the client's readiness in the event of disability Visualize the end-of-plan impact of LTC insurance Create an effective strategy for umbrella coverage

Learn how to add Insurance types to a client's profile.


Learn more about college planning goals in RightCapital.


Tax Estimate Distributions
See and download pre-filled tax forms (1040 and schedules) Visualize a client's tax landscape and create an efficient tax strategy

Learn more on how state and local taxes are calculated in RightCapital.


Learn more about estate planning in RightCapital.


Learn more about a client's profile in RightCapital.

Gear (⚙️)

Vault Report Advisor Portal Sign Out
A secure and accessible location to share relevant information between you and your clients Print financial reports to share with clients Toggle to view your advisor portal on RightCapital Sign out of RightCapital

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