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You've got a lot on your plate, and don't always know when someone's moved your cheese -- let alone where it is now! Let this summary of recent updates and changes help.

The most current place for product notes is: https://updates.rightcapital.com/

March 2019

Property and Casualty insurance ☂️

We have launched support for Property and Casualty insurance.

You can now enter information about your clients’ homeowner, auto, and umbrella insurance policies on the Profile > Net Worth page.

Getting the name right is ...the name of the game? 🤔

Wow, that was a bad joke. Good thing our writers don't write this thing! They've been busy updating and clarifying tons of articles! Now our articles are more straightforward in both title and content. With over 40 articles updated this month, we won't list them all here but check out a couple: Cash Flows (tab), Understanding the Investments tab, Social Security Income, and Adding a College Savings Plan.

New webinars

February 2019

Integration Improvements

We have upgraded our CRM integrations with Redtail and Wealthbox to ensure that you can consistently import and sync your clients' names and contact information from those systems.

We have also expanded our Advyzon integration to handle custom securities.

Advisor Portal color

By popular demand, we have switched the menu bar color on the advisor portal screen to match the color that you see when opening a client's plan.

Splitting and adding budget transactions

One of our most popular feature requests, our Budget screen now allows you or your clients to split transactions imported by your clients and to add manual transactions. Budget functionality is available for our Premium and Platinum subscribers. For more information, please see our updated Budget page in the Help Center.

New client checklist ✅

In addition to the two checklists we launched in January, there's one more to — ready for it? — check off! The New client checklist is ready to help you set up the basics of any new client.

Timely resources to improve your practice efficiency

For Valentines Day we skipped the roses and instead streamlined a ton of content on the Help Center to make it more intuitive and easier to understand. Check out the new Client Profile article, or learn how to create your own models and change asset assumptions. We've tightened up the Security & Compliance articles and now all your questions about reports, editing reports, and printing reports are answered! We've also updated system-wide Client presets.

New webinars

January 2019

Updated Tax Forms

The projected tax forms have been updated to reflect the new forms published by the IRS. This includes a revised 1040 plus new Schedules 1, 2, 3, and 4. You can review the updated forms at Tax > Tax Estimate > Details tab.

REITs added to Advyzon integration

Our Advyzon integration is now able to import REIT holdings. It can also process more stock options and holdings.

We ❤️ checking things off the list!

...So we've made two super-duper helpful checklists for you, our advisors! The first checklist is for new users and it helps you quickly and effectively implement RightCapital in your practice. The second checklist is to prep yourself for inviting clients to your Client Portal. Both are incredibly helpful in closing the gap and letting you be totally confident that you are on the path the success!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's New Categories!

Our Help Center is now even more intuitive to navigate. Items are now grouped based on how you use the product, including a more natural Creating Plans section (to add clients, add assets, and adjust settings) and a super-duper Getting Started page. Take a minute and freshen up My Account.

Client-Facing resources

Now you have printable and emailable (Is that a word? Let's say it's a word...) client-facing resources to continue to engage your clients with RightCapital's Client Portal. Check out what we've pushed so far, and keep an eye out for more coming soon.

Winning new Clients is easier than ever

We've included new marketing collateral for engaging prospects, and we've also released prospecting videos and more in-depth help on how to leverage those videos across various platforms.

New Webinars

  • Grow Your Business - Incorporating Mortgage Financing Strategies into Your Practice (CFP CE) (LINK)

December 2018

2019 Tax parameters updated

RightCapital has been updated to reflect all new 2019 tax parameters, including:

  • Updated contribution limits for IRA, Roth, 401(k), HSA, etc.
  • Updated phase out values for IRA deductions and Roth contributions
  • Standard deductions for single and joint filing
  • Updated tax brackets
  • QBI phaseout limits

Integration articles are now more intuitive

Setting up integrations already saved you a boatload of time. Now we've made the articles even easier to read, making saving time even simpler.

Up your game with a stellar client experience

There is now a trove of articles on the Help Center to be sure you have the tools you need to create a Stellar Client Experience. Including how to introduce RightCapital to your clients, how to invite them to the Client Portal, how to hold effective Client Review Meetings with RightCapital, and so much more. Check out the whole list here.

The only video you need to watch this month

Want to get up to speed using RightCapital? This 17 minute walkthrough video covers all the bases to go from newbie to pro.

New webinars of interest

Client Onboarding: Presenting RightCapital to Your Clients + Q&A ( LINK)

November 2018

Mobile app optimized for iPhone XS Max

We have optimized our mobile app for the iPhone XS Max screen.

Grow Your Business - Helping Clients Transition to Retirement with A Smart Tax Strategy w/ Kyle Moore ( LINK)

RightCapital Videos better than Cat Videos (well, maybe)

Here's a quick 3 minute overview of key RightCapital features and functions.

And here's a 6 minute video outlining the impact of RightCapital's Retirement module. Enjoy a happy and healthy retirement planning process!

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