Introducing RightCapital to Your Clients

First impressions are important. As you introduce RightCapital and the Client Portal to your clients, let this guide shed some light on helpful tips to consider.

The tone you set is often reciprocated by your clients: your clarity and confidence in communication lead to their sense of clarity and confidence in you and in their financial future!

It is clear that more data in the hands of clients is the future. This is good when it facilitates deeper client understanding—which leads to higher quality questions and better-aligned goals and outcomes. This isn’t about you, the advisor, becoming obsolete, but about automating administrative tasks so you can add value by coaching your clients: automate what you can, be human where it counts.

RightCapital is focused on making your advising practice soar with excellence and making your clients relax with financial confidence. There are many ways you can use RightCapital to enable your clients to improve their future. Here are some of the ways:

  • Use the Client Portal early and often
  • Host lively client review meetings
  • Produce clear, helpful reports
  • Email/call clients to answer questions and share updates

These rest on a cornerstone of clear and effective communication. Some communication shouldn't be automated—review meetings or phone calls, for instance. Other effective communication may be more automated: client portal access and emailing your clients updates on their portfolios, helpful articles, and other value-adds.

This guide covers:

  • Enabling your clients to see why using RightCapital's Client Portal is in their best interest
  • Best practices for explaining RightCapital to your clients
  • Sample client introduction emails

Explain the benefits

How we communicate to clients matters, and for each of us, we want the things we spend time on to improve our lives. When your clients understand the benefits they generally have higher rates of buy-in. We’ve all had someone ask us to do something and forgot to tell us the reason behind it, and none of us likes it! Here are two examples of presenting the client portal:

  • “You need to create an account with RightCapital.”
  • “I’d like to make your life easier, and your financial future clearer. One of the core tools I use to do that is RightCapital. When you make your account on the Client Portal we can make better-informed decisions more quickly together.”

The second one is a bit longer but helps the recipient understand the purpose behind the request. In the same way, you will receive higher response and engagement rates when you provide a purpose and timeframe in your request—just make sure that it’s truly in the client’s best interest!

Here are some of the benefits your client will experience using RightCapital's Client Portal:

  • Easy-to-use single login for all their accounts, budgeting, and financial plan overview.
  • 24/7/365 access. Your client doesn’t need to check the mail for their portfolio summary.
  • Mobile experience. Your client is on the go. They can download the mobile app to track their progress, review their budget, link accounts, and more.
  • Review information on their own timetable. Allow them to soak in the details to ask more informed questions and refine their goals and dreams.
  • Use the vault to share documents.
  • Create action items during client review meetings and throughout the year for both the advisor and client. It’s in one spot and trackable by both individuals.

Learn the client experience

Before you go too far, remember the first step is in your clients’ shoes: add yourself as a client to understand the questions they will ask and the feelings they will feel.

Send yourself an invitation. Link accounts. Create your own plan. Experience it as if you were your own client.

This will enable several important qualities:

  • You’ll be better prepared for their questions.
  • You’ll speak from experience (“What I found helpful was...”).
  • You can triple-check everything is ready for them. Is your logo set up? What about your color scheme?

For more on ensuring your branding is set up, review our profile, logo, and customization section.

Best practices for effective communication

You know your clients the best. Explain the value to them the way they want to learn it.

A good rule of thumb for communication is: if it is complex and urgent, meet face-to-face. The simpler and non-urgent the communication, the more likely that email could be appropriate. Of course, this pertains to specific communication to just one client. There are times when communicating urgent information to many people via email is clearly best.

The main means of communication are in person, over the phone, video chat, or email. Many advisors will use multiple mediums for varying reasons:

  • In person for local and/or VIP clients. Coffee shops or review meetings tend to be popular as they allow you to sit face-to-face to explain the proposition, instantly gain feedback, and help get the client set up.
  • Video chats or phone calls for long-distance clients. Screensharing is an especially helpful tool.
  • Email for special circumstances. Email is a great option for clients who are traveling or aren’t available during the day. While email may streamline processes in the long-term, it’s best to first present the Client Portal to a few clients in-person or over the phone to learn the most frequent questions and then address those in the email. Leverage that feedback.

In-person is the most effective form of communication. You can more easily spread enthusiasm, passion, and genuineness when face-to-face. For introducing the client portal over email, here is a sample flow that you can use:

Sample engagement flow

Below is a visualization on how some advisors have rolled out RightCapital to their clients. Use what makes sense to you and your clients—again, you know them best. ( click here for a full sized image)

Sample emails

Copywriting (the art of persuasive written words) takes a lot of time to get just right. A well-crafted message can create clarity and inspire change. A poorly written paragraph will leave readers thinking, “huh?”

Since we don’t have unlimited time to perfectly craft a message, below are a few samples that you can use. Be sure to personalize and customize them for your brand and clients! If you plan on sending two or more emails, we’ve created an Introductory email designed to explain what their portal is for and a Welcome email which focuses on the link to get started.

Pro tip: you can email a link to the client portal to your client straight from RightCapital. Another way to email the client link is to copy their unique link from RightCapital and email or text it to your client from your system. To learn more, read  Inviting a client to create their account and  Customizing invitation email.

Introductory email – example 1

Hi Tim,

It’s 2018 and a lot of financial systems are still siloed off from one another. Tying together a financial plan, budget, portfolio, debt planning, and forecasting college savings needs can be a headache. For many, that creates a risk of decisions being made in isolation—or a lot of extra time in Excel and with a calculator.

I’ve recently started using a financial planning software called RightCapital. I think you’ll like it. Not only does it link up all your accounts for budgeting and tracking your portfolio, but it also helps us track your overall goals. With RightCapital, we can make holistic decisions in light of your full plan. We can analyze the tradeoffs of paying down debt sooner, putting that money in the stock market, changing retirement goals, or saving for the future (vacation, major purchase, etc.).

I’ll follow up with another email soon but wanted to give you a heads up on the changes. Feel free to reply with any questions or if you want to get started right now.


[your name]

Introductory email – example 2

Hi Jackie,

We’ve had a number of conversations around “continual improvement” here at our practice, and I wanted to share something we’ve been working on in light of that. I’ve recently adopted RightCapital, which gives me the tools to do financial planning just right.

You’ve asked about accessing items we discuss in our meetings, so instead of emailing those to you, I thought it’d be better to give you full access. It’s a natural next step on the road to continual improvement, and you get all the benefits!

I’ll send you a link to create an account with a software called RightCapital. It’s the financial planning software we use here at the office. It’s been helpful to ensure we’re looking at the same thing instead of trying to describe it over the phone. It’ll also mean you can pull it up on your computer or download the app to take a look any time you want. You’ll see what I see (but don’t worry, you can’t “break” anything).

Let me know what you think. I’d love your feedback.

Welcome email – example

Hi Tim,

Here’s your link to your RightCapital account. This is the system that enables us to link up all your bank accounts, create your financial plan, and track it over time.


You’ll need to create a password. Be sure to create one that’s secure. Once in, the system will walk you through linking accounts and inputting data. The neat part is you can stop anytime and pick it up later in case you need to leave and come back—no need to fill it out all at once!


[your name]

Get and share feedback

After successfully launching something new, many people forget to ask for and share feedback. Seeking out feedback makes you a better advisor and also increases retention!

Ask your clients for feedback. Help them use the portal more effectively and learn what they’d like to see. We want to be a partner to you, so don’t forget to share your client feedback with us. We love hearing how we can improve your clients’ experience. We also love stories of how it’s helping your clients.

Use the feedback your clients give you today to improve their experience of tomorrow.