Client meetings best practices


Many advisors incorporate RightCapital into client meetings with great success. Clients who have the RightCapital experience enjoy how easily they can see and understand their financial landscape. Andrew, an advisor, told us, “Our clients literally love this. This is game-changing!” We think RightCapital can be a strong differentiator in your practice, too.

Our objective is for you feel confident you have the expertise you need in RightCapital to delight your clients. This article will cover several essential best practices for using RightCapital in client meetings.

Best Practices

While your unique use-case will surely develop distinct practices that lead to high engagement and a strong bottom line, some of the most successful advisors kick off RightCapital in their practice by:

Adding yourself and your family as clients

Adding yourself as a client within your RightCapital account allows you, the advisor, to truly understand RightCapital from the client’s perspective. Top advisors (1) add their personal portfolio, (2) create goals (if applicable), and (3) create a proposal. This is single-handedly the best ways to enhance your client presentations! Some top advisors also give “client meetings” to their family members to better learn how to speak to the information displayed in RightCapital in an accessible way for everyday people.

Using it in your next client or prospect meeting

Successful advisors incorporate RightCapital into their existing processes and tasks quickly and early.

Did you know?

During your first 60 days with RightCapital, take advantage of skilled Implementation Specialists who will help you successfully incorporate RightCapital into your daily workflows, processes, and tasks.

Presenting it to your favorite clients first

Close friends and favorite clients will often help when you need to run through a few practice presentations. This “rehearsal” helps you better speak to the way that RightCapital “flows” and may highlight areas that are less clear to everyday people, giving you an opportunity to develop language that excites and clarifies.

Less is more

Keep reports and presentations focused on what each client cares about most. Sometimes this means setting aside information that you, the advisor, feel is important but that your clients are not ready for—yet. We’ve seen successful advisors win over prospects — or get the lightbulb to turn on for an existing client — by keeping the report to a minimum. That means only print what the investor cares about and save the rest for another day. Deliver value on the investor’s pain-points today so they’ll ask for more tomorrow.

Tip: Don’t attempt all at once

When adopting any software, don’t necessarily worry about getting everything set up day one. Few people can do that. Instead, take intentional, consistent steps toward your goal. For instance, in the first few weeks just set up two clients per week. If you incorporate RightCapital into simply a few meetings a month or quarter, it will quickly prove its worth. Quality over quantity. As you practice your client meetings, you’ll find that you can quickly scale the process because you’ve mastered the essentials.

Client Talking Points

The talking points will vary from client to client. However, there are two themes that many successful advisors carry into every client meeting. They focus on what keeps the client up at night, whether that is:

  • An opportunity (“do I buy this company and go into debt doing it?”) or
  • A pain point (“I want to pay down this debt, my kids are getting closer to college, and how am I supposed to retire again!?”)

Deliver the highest value by focusing on client needs. It’s easier said than done, but sometimes that means:

  • Only focusing on opportunities and pain-points in that first meeting, even though you also wanted to discuss their kid’s 529 accounts and life insurance
  • Creating a report that only touches on a few select areas, rather than creating a report that is comprehensive (we can do comprehensive later, but right now that may not be the client’s concern)

Our webinars are packed with helpful talking points.  RSVP for an upcoming webinar or watch a pre-recorded one. They are terrific for gathering best practices.

Presenting Your First Plan Video (42:42)

In this recorded webinar on Presenting Your First Plan, advisors build confidence by learning about the advisor portal, key analysis tools, report generation and streamlined client communication within RightCapital.

For additional talking point ideas, send us a chat, give us a call, or set up a call to review a case. For instance, start off with a simple chat like, “I’m meeting with my client Tom Harris on Monday and he’s very focused on his debt repayment strategy. Can you take a look and let me know if I’m missing anything?” We look forward to being your partner in client success.