Getting Started - 4 Videos

Get started 

Want something quick? Try this short series of videos to get you started and off to the races! Start with the overview. Think of it as a map of RightCapital. Also, be sure to check out the Getting started guide and our YouTube channel for more!

Introduction to RightCapital (3:31)

In just a few minutes, learn basic navigation and where the core tools are located. Use this as a map for where to find your most beloved tools.

Adding clients (3:41)

One of the critical steps: setting up your clients in RightCapital. Learn how to choose what your client has access to, how to choose a planning method (cash flow, modified cash flow, or goals based), and more! Here's a 4-minute video to hit the critical steps.

Filling out your client's profile (9:16)

Learn how to complete your profile—whether you or your client fill it out. Bonus: this video was designed with your client in mind, so feel free to send it to your client so they can learn how to help you set up their plan!

Building a proposal (6:02)

We've set up our clients and prepared their profile. Now is the time to construct their proposal. Watch this video to learn the basics around building a proposal, cash flows, stress tests, and social security. Learn how to present it to your clients to see how it can help your practice.

RightCapital is committed to enabling your success. Each week, we set aside time to cover important updates and host a Q&A with the product team, giving you a direct line of access to the experts behind the curtain. Visit the Upcoming and Most Recent Webinars area to register today!

For additional assistance with getting started, contact RightCapital Support for more information.