Customized asset mapping

Occasionally when accounts are linked through account aggregation or one of our integration partners, individual investments that are not easily mapped to a known security from our Morningstar database will be brought in. Those investments will be included under the investment account but will be mapped to the 'Other' asset class. For those investments, we can update the asset class mapping.


Investments that come across as 'Unknown' or 'Unknown Equity' cannot be mapped as they reflect investments that do not include sufficient information to identify the investment.

If you would like us to reclassify the asset class please send us the following information through the Intercom messaging service or via email to

  1. Name of the integration partner
  2. Full name of the position retrieved
  3. Ticker (if available)
    1. For Equity / Fixed Income positions – specify the single asset class to which you would like it to be assigned, from our available asset classes (see below)
    2. For Funds / ETFs – specify the asset class breakdown you would like it to be assigned using the available asset classes.


Please allow up to two business days for us to update the allocation.

Available asset classes:

EquityFixed Income
Large GrowthGovernment
Large ValueMunicipal
Mid CapCorporate
Small CapHigh Yield
International EquitiesInternational Bonds
Emerging MarketsCash
Real EstateOther